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The Chaussettes Orphelines Association

Founded in 2008, Chaussettes Orphelines, based in the Goutte D'or district of Paris's 18th arrondissement, works in the fields of Sustainable Development, waste reduction and transformation. The association is an innovative model of circular and solidarity economy.


The objectives of the association 

1. Awareness and reduction of textile waste

Environmental issues are at the heart of the association's initiatives. Throughout the year, the association organises several actions to raise awareness of waste reduction issues among as many people as possible. Among these actions we can mention
  • A permanent collection of socks orphaned or used in our premises
  • Collections in municipalities and companies, in particular during the European Week for Sustainable Development and the European Week for Waste Reduction.
  • A great event, the Solidarity Parade, which reaches a very large number of people thanks to its artistic and creative aspect and our communication on social networks and in the press. 


2. Social integration of women accommodated in shelters


We run workshops for women in shelters and social integration centres.
Once a week, we meet in the shelter to offer creative workshops to women: textile craft techniques: crochet, knitting, embroidery, recycling, creation of accessories, clothing, decorative objects...
These pieces will then be presented during the Solidarity Parade, a way to give back these workshops, valorize women and their works.

During these workshops, we encourage speaking out, exchange and sharing. All of these actions promote self-confidence and the valorization of each person. This step is fundamental for socio-professional integration.


3. Developing the creativity and concentration of children from disadvantaged neighbourhoods


Every week, we run workshops for children in the Goutte d'Or neighbourhood. During these workshops, we help the children develop their dexterity, concentration and creativity.

Among the techniques taught are creative recycling, finger knitting, weaving, string art. ..

The children participate in the great annual event that is the Solidarity Parade. Their participation in this event is a way to value them and to give back the fruit of their participation during the workshops.


4. Socio-professional insertion for people far from work through sock sorting


For every hundred socks collected, we send them to the socio-professional integration establishment "Espérance".
At " Espérance ", the socks are sorted by colour. This process avoids dyeing, thus saving water and does not use chemicals.
Also, this action allows us to sort socks in good condition to give them directly to people who need them.
Thanks to the sorting, we contribute to the employment of people in a situation of professional integration.


5. Opportunities with other companies


Sock collections and events for the European Sustainable Development and Waste Reduction Weeks and all year round. To raise the awareness of contributors and partners to the challenges of sustainable development.

For companies, we organize CSR workshops and sock collections for employees. Consult the "CSR Company Partnership" section to find out more!


Can you see, with little orphan socks you can also build big projects.


Why the socks? 

Socks are the smallest part of our wardrobe, the one that is easily thrown away: only 10% of the socks put on the market end up in sorting centres. Orphan socks are a universal phenomenon: they are a fun way to raise awareness about textile recycling!

The project received the Sustainable Paris Prize from the City of Paris in 2016.


You too can take part in the adventure of recycling and solidarity:

  • Send your donations to support our social action program
  • Send us your socks: we will recycle them! The address of our workshop is 2 rue des Gardes, 75018 Paris. Otherwise, find all our collection points HERE

Since 2008, we have been receiving parcels of orphan socks sent by families from the 4 corners of France. Companies, local authorities and schools have also taken an interest in our initiative and have organised collections.


Bravo! Thank you for your solidarity action.

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