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Our values

The Chaussettes Orphelines project is based on 4 values:

1 - A fashion for your daily life

From the very beginning of Chaussettes Orphelines, fashion has been at the centre of our attention. Our ambition is to offer you fashion that enchants your daily life, that combines the principle of reality and the principle of pleasure.

You will find in our collection the basics of an eco-responsible wardrobe, starting with socks!

Our collection is designed for everyday life. The clothes are easy to wear, comfortable and resistant.

We have added a lurex thread to some of our models, making a small twist to our 100% recycled principle, because we love the glamour side of this thread!


2 - Recycling your socks!

We campaign for textile recycling, for fashion that respects the planet's resources. 

The more we recycle, the less we pollute 😊

The principle? You send us all the socks that are lonely and worn and we transform them into recycled sock yarn, then into new socks, accessories or clothing that you can wear again.

By making clothes from recycled sock yarn, we are proving that the circular economy is real! We offer you zero waste fashion!

The project was awarded the Sustainable Paris Prize in 2016.


3 - A commitment to social inclusion

Our project places the human being at the centre of our activity.

Every week, Chaussettes Orphelines organizes creative social integration workshops for women in emergency shelters and educational activities for children in the Goutte d'Or neighbourhood.

Sorting the socks is carried out by the integration workshops of our partner, Espérance, a member of the Le Relais and Emmaüs networks.


4 - A French manufacture

Our products have always been made in France because we want to promote local employment and limit the carbon footprint.

Our partners are French companies with unrivalled know-how, combining textile tradition and innovation. Thanks to our spinner, to our knitters, to our weaver without whom this beautiful project would not be possible. We owe them a lot in this beautiful adventure of recycling!

We know each of our partners personally and especially the couturiers of the Goutte d'Or cooperative, our neighbours on the rue des gardes in Paris!

Part of the collection, made in Paris, has been awarded the "Made in Paris" Label in 2017, 2018 and 2019!

In December 2017, Chaussettes Orphelines received the "Made in Paris" label and was awarded the 1st Jury Prize in the "Innovation" category. This election was one of the "3 favorites" of Parisians.

In December 2018 and 2019, Chaussettes Orphelines was once again awarded the "Made in Paris" label, highlighting the know-how of the Goutte d'Or designers.

Made in Paris 2017 LabelAnne Hidalgo and Chaussettes Orphelines

Marcia de Carvalho and Anne Hidalgo at the Made in Paris Label Awards - 2017

What to think about the selling prices of our collections?

Marcia vows to repeat: "Ethical fashion is not expensive! It's cheap for our planet, it's "fast-fashion" that's expensive, think of its impact on the environment, on society, it doesn't respect the men and women who work for it and depletes the natural reserves of our planet!"

What about the wallet?

Using recycled materials and producing in France implies higher selling prices than those practiced by the fast fashion industry. We don't have the same cost price as products made in China ... but we don't have the same values either!

Want to know everything about our production costs? Read our article

We are aware that it is not always possible to create a 100% eco-responsible wardrobe. You can start with an affordable piece (Summer socks for example), knowing that recycled products are of better quality than standard products: you will keep them longer, thus avoiding the purchase of new "disposable" products.

If you want to know more about the catastrophic impact of fashion on the planet, you can download a free ebook on the subject, click on the button below to learn more about the fashion industry's shortcomings:

eBook: Fashion & Environment