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Find below articles and videos online about Orphan Socks :

LES ECHOS - Avril 2021

GROSS - July 2020



 PARIS MATCH - April 2020

Vignette PM

GROSS - May 2019

 BRUT video on Orphan Socks

20H de TF1, LE MAG, May 2019

Video TF1 on Orphan Socks

GRAZIA - March 2019

Shooting Grazia x Orphan Socks

GRAZIA - April 2019

Interview Marcia de Carvalho - Grazia 


Slow We Are: Address Book 

Culture Box: The credo of Marcia de Carvalho

Culture Box: European Crafts Day 2019 

France 24: A sock to save the planet


TELERAMA - October 2018

 Upcycling with Orphan Socks


Neighbours Neighbours

And previous years....

Orphan press and socks 1

Orphan press and socks 2

Orphan press and socks 3

Orphan press and socks 4