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Events: solidarity parades and exhibitions

Every year, the association organises an event to raise public awareness of the problem of textile pollution and the need for action in terms of recycling.

Chaussettes Orphelines 2018 fashion show

For 3 years now, this event has taken the form of a large solidarity parade that mixes rhythm and colours. It comes after months of preparation, involvement and motivation of the inhabitants of the goutte d'or district in Paris who, on this occasion, plunge into a dynamic universe of dreams and passion likely to give rise to vocations.

This emblematic annual event combines fashion, creation, innovation and solidarity. It involves companies concerned by sustainable development and charities. These partnerships allow us tooffer beautiful and useful pieces tothe underprivileged. The big fashion show also allows us to spread a viable economic and social model: the circular economy at the service of solidarity. It is an opportunity for us to increase our collections and recycle more.

Finally, it is always a great pleasure and pride to show our new collections from textile recycling!

The parades are organised with the support of companies as part of their CSR programme.

2019 Solidarity Parade - Paris City Hall, February 2019


Report from France 24 :


Find all the pictures and details of the last show on our blog.



The unfolding of the parade

Behind the scenes

The parade narrated by Marcia de Carvalho



2018 Solidarity Parade - Embassy of Brazil, February 2018

Solidarity Parade


2017 Solidarity Parade - 18th Arrondissement Town Hall, Paris


Parade at the Bretonneau Hospital

True to her commitment to solidarity, Marcia de Carvalho organized a fashion show at the Bretonneau Hospital to bring a moment of joy and beauty to the elderly and their families. Another opportunity to demonstrate that fashion can create social bonds. The creations of the entire team of the Chaussettes Orphelines association were presented on this occasion.



If you want to know how the circular economy can help us make fashion more ethical, you can download a free ebook on the subject, click on the button below to learn more about the shortcomings of the fashion industry:

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