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The return label

The return label: what is it, how does it work?

Chaussettes Orphelines invented easy recycling to facilitate textile recycling, especially of socks. The return label that you will receive will allow you to return your socks for recycling free of charge.


Why did you create a return label?

To recycle your socks!

90% of used or orphan socks are thrown away.
With an annual consumption of 300 million pairs in France, that's 16,000 tons of waste. The equivalent of 16,000 cars!

We must take concrete action to combat this textile pollution.

Where to find the return label?

The return label is sent to you at the same time as your order, when you make the purchase of a recycled product Chaussettes Orphelines: socks, clothing or accessories (gloves, hats, scarves ...).

To discover the whole of our collection on our e-shop, it is HERE

Return labels are offered for all orders over 45 euros, made in Metropolitan France.

How do I use the return label?

You will usually receive your order in a kraft paper envelope. Just reuse this envelope, it's the most ecological! We advise you to stick the return label on the envelope by covering the old stamp and your contact details, then put your socks to be recycled inside and close the envelope with a piece of tape.

What is the maximum weight per envelope? What happens if I put more?

The return label allows you to send 500 grams of used or orphaned socks free of charge. You can absolutely use the scale that is certainly in your kitchen to check the weight. As if you were making a sock cake! This is bound to amuse the little ones!

If you don't have a scale to check, that's about 8 pairs of big socks and 12 pairs of socks. So count on 10 pairs on average.

Do not overload the envelope. The Post Office's mailing conditions are quite strict: if the envelope exceeds 500 grams, it will be returned to you. If the envelope is more than 3 cm thick, it will also be blocked.

Which socks to send for recycling?

You can send us all the socks you no longer use. Everyone has unused or orphan socks at home. Whether they are punctured, stained, discarded, distended or eaten by your dog, we will give them a second life!

A little thought for the people who will sort your socks: please wash them before sending!!! It's an evidence, but it's better by saying it.... So, ready for some drawer storage?

What material can we send?

We recycle all materials: cotton, wool, polyester, silk, tartan yarn.... Everything is good in the sock!

Why do I have to buy to get a return envelope? Why not provide return envelopes without purchase?

We collect used or orphan socks to give them a second life, not to make mountains of socks in our workshop ;-)

This would not advance the ecological cause. If no one bought recycled socks, we would simply stop our project... and the used socks would become simply polluting waste again.

The idea of the return envelope is to couple recycling and the consumption of recycled products. Only a change in consumption patterns will really have an ecological impact.

And then there is a principle of economic reality: sales finance recycling and the jobs it generates. A company can't just have expenses. But the return label has a cost: a little over 2 euros. Distributing it for free would bankrupt us...

To find out more, read our customer testimonials on the return envelope .


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