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The Concept

Glamorous and ecological fashion: a unique concept!

Do you want fashion that doesn't sacrifice style and respects the environment?

Chaussettes Orphelines offers you socks, clothing and accessories that allow you to combine style and values: all our collections are made from recycling, and not just any socks: sock recycling!!

And soon the recycling of your gloves, hats, scarves, and sweaters ...

We are campaigning for ethical fashion that preserves natural resources!

The bottom line:

  • The manufacture of a garment (and therefore of a sock) is polluting.

Cotton production depletes our water reserves. A pair of 60 g cotton socks requires 1350 litres of water, or more than 20 showers!

20% of the world's water pollution comes from textiles, due to dyes.

  • The end of life of an item of clothing (and therefore of a sock) is polluting.

90% of used or orphan socks are thrown in the trash.

With an annual consumption of 300 million pairs of socks in France, that's 16,000 tons of waste. The equivalent of 16,000 cars that we would scrap!

Our solution: use what already exists! Recycle!

The most environmentally friendly textiles are the ones we don't produce!

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Recycled socks


Why recycling socks?

We could have started by recycling sweaters, gloves, hats..., so why start with socks? That's right, why recycle a sock? A sock is so small!

Precisely because it's small and nearly 90% of socks are thrown in the trash (source Eco TLC). We had to act to save them! But we are going to recycle other knitted clothes or accessories very soon!

And then the socks:

  • concern everyone (who has never found a sock with a hole in it?): the phenomenon is universal!
  • are a fun way to raise awareness about recycling! Thanks to a simple sock, we become aware of the ecological stakes of our planet .... The sock is too strong ;-)

Want to recycle your used socks? Consult the list of our collection points

A true model of circular economy! 

Want to conserve the planet's natural resources with us? Entrust us with your socks to be recycled and buy our recycled products! Yes, we dare to say it clearly, it is the change in the act of buying that will impact the environment. Giving away your used clothes and continuing to buy only new ones is not enough!

Let's save the planet with our feet!!!!

By buying socks, gloves, an Ipad cover, a hat, a scarf, a bag or a walletdirectly from our online shop, you are making a concrete contribution to the recycling action.

Concretely, Chaussettes Orphelines is both an association and a shop.

The association
- Raises awareness of textile waste recycling through sock collections from the public or local authorities/companies,
- Participates in and supports social integration actions. 

The shop
- buys the socks sorted from the association (and thus participates in the financing of the association's social activities),
- produces 100% recycled yarn,
- makes clothing & accessories from this thread of recycled socks,
- Makes his creations in France.

To find out everything about the circular economy, its many purposes, how it has a positive impact on the future of our planet and climate change, and what the French textile industry is doing in this area, download this complete e-book on the subject by clicking on the button below:

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